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Description / Point of sales (P.O.S) - Invoice

QuickAccess POS is the ideal software for the point of sale in trade retailer. Its system is agile, intuitive and with an easy interaction, which can be operated independently or integrated with other systems.

QuickAccess POS manages all the sale functions, performs the billing in the stores and their tools allow you to create and mange benefits to customers such as: discounts for hours or periods, promotions, special discounts to regular customers, audit of transactions and profits.

Our software offers the flexibility and speed of response that your company needs to optimize the operation of major importance for your business, sell.

Beneficios / Point of sales (P.O.S) - Invoice


Control of openings and closing with full or partial journals, income currency and payment documents such as checks, debit, etc., tonnage of box full or partial notes.
Management of sales of goods, special sales with discounts or promotions by item or value on the invoice total, management of returned merchandise.


Sale of merchandise that customers by separate packages reserve to pay agreed fees.


Fertilizers to account payable for separate packages, packages separated locations control.



Control of balances of accounts payable.
Connection to SQL Database Server.


Authority to make cash box during the day.


Printing and reprinting of cash counts.


Control of cash received and delivered in each park’s box.


Configurations of POS by store or warehouse, location in the store or warehouse for any kind of transaction of sale, return, separate package, etc.


Features / Point of sales (P.O.S) - Invoice


Accounting and reporting support.


Find and article by: internal reference or the manufacturer, description, department, section, family and subfamily, brand and season.


Totalising a sale.


Statistics and case closures.


Communications with a central database.


Administration of clients.



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» Point of sales (P.O.S) - Invoice


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