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Description / CRM

QuickAccess CRM will allow you to manage all operations related to the management of your company and its customers efficient and agile. Our software gives you a wide perspective on the behavior, habits and preferences of its clients within your company purchase, this will allow you to meet your expectations and to optimize the quality of the service.

QuickAccess CRM is a fundamental tool for the exchange of information between the different channels of sale that has your business. With our staff will get the key to optimize the customer relationship and even anticipate their needs, thus gaining their loyalty and ensuring your preference.

Benefits / CRM


Master queries of cardholders, frequent customers, geographical distribution, etc.
Sales per transaction, form of payment, date ranges, promotions or events of special discounts.


Profitability of clients, recruitment of sales by customers, coupons discounts and amount of transactions audit.


Generation of benefits for all customers, only frequent customers, only infrequent customers, by category of customer (eg. Type “a”, “b”, etc.).



To selectively apply benefits only to a store or stores.
Selection date of application ranges to apply the benefits to customers.


Generation of discounts coupons, by Exchange, percentage applicable to an amount, product (sku).


Generation of coupons from birthday to regular customers, spouse or their children; on the first purchase, in the first days of the month, days of opening the account; between ranges of date, among other options.


Features / CRM
Automation of sales.


Automation of Marketing actions.


Administration of promotions and events.


The customer service and support.


Channel management/ management of relationship with suppliers.


Access to internal help desk.



» Merchandising

» Point of sales (P.O.S) - Invoice


» Credit

» Accounting and Finance

» Payroll and HHRR

» Fixed Assets

» E-commerce (Web Page)

» Mobility

» Customer service

» Retail business intelligence

» Balanced Scorecard

» Storage/Wharehouse

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