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Description / Credit

Quick Access credit helps you manage the entire process of implementation and management of your business credit accounts. The system allows you to automate the client information records from, the application’s account to the operations carried out with the credit.

The system tools provide reports of the statement of their clients as: cards issued, daily transactions, payments on account, among other functions, which ensure optimal management of the most effective channel of sales of your business, the credit, accounts in arrears.

Benefits / Credit


Total control of the process of applying for credit from shooting to the register new customers.
Automatic allocation of quota to customers based on parameterized by the client or obtained from a credit Bureau information.


Analysis of the transactions made by the customer.


Generation of cuts and issue of statements of account.



Consultation and modification of customer data.
Generation of reports for portfolio analysis.


Collection management and record of calls to customers in arrears.


Control of access to the system by the users. RSS products request information.


Features / Credit
Entry of request to the system.


Pre-approval of applications.


Fingering of customers data.


Verification of customer data.


Credit limit assignment.


Creation of the account.


Control of processes.



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