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Description / Accounting and Finance

System Administratiion and Finance QuickAccess organizes and automates all economic and financial information of your company. Their tools perform a thorough analysis of all administrative movements, issuing detailed reports, in order to accurately diagnose the current state of your business.

The system organizes all records of sales transactions, payments, billing and accounts receivable. Our software allows you to get configurable sales analysis, liquidity, leverage, profitability, dependence, credit facilities, incidence, turnover, profit and loss, which can help you gain a broader view of what is happening with their working capital vision and gain control of their financial statements.

Benefits / Accounting and Finance


Online integration of all modules with accounting and system availability online daily financial statements.
Manage Budget and Cash Flow.


Management accounting interactive templates per module.


Manage Attachments SRI fully configurable according to the requirements of the Internal Revenue Service.


Drill down on queries financial statements.


Pre-generation display seats to be generated in each type of transaction.



Control authorization preprinted forms and accounts payable.
Reliability withholding type settings according to the line of business with suppliers and their type of taxpayer.


Generating tax rates by type of taxpayer acquiring company.


Control of payments to suppliers through authorizations under hierarchical level and according to the maturity analysis.


Features / Accounting and Finance
General Accounting and Financial Analysis.


Human Resources System.


Management Discussion and Analysis.


Wholesale billing and Accounts.


Control of Banks.


Accounts Payable control.


Process control.



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» Point of sales (P.O.S) - Invoice


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» Accounting and Finance

» Payroll and HHRR

» Fixed Assets

» E-commerce (Web Page)

» Mobility

» Customer service

» Retail business intelligence

» Balanced Scorecard

» Storage/Wharehouse

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