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Description / Storage - Wharehouse

Maximize performance warehouse inventory, increasing productivity and improving accuracy are key objectives for the operations of the distribution center and warehouse. Capture real-time data at the point of transaction is a critical element in achieving this goal, ensuring accurate data integration with enterprise systems using robust wireless connectivity.

Scanners that provides QuickAccess are rugged and designed for the toughest environments. The entry of stock, picking, replenishment, packing, shipping, inventory stock or perpetual inventory, the collection device data store is essential to the performance of people and material equipment (MHE) handling.

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Receiving / Storage - Wharehouse

Capture real-time data at the point of transaction. It is critical to operational excellence warehouse. Enter accurate data reception is necessary to prevent cascading failures in the supply chain.

Barcode Scanning store First time is guaranteed QuickAccess and hardware devices used, even with difficult to read or damaged codes, Seleen a keystroke at any angle. If no label is present, data entry is fast, reliable communications with printers to provide labels in the receiving department.

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Stock input / Storage - Warehouse

The warehouse management system has putaway algorithms that only ensure the precision localization operator if the device allows fast scanning, typing, or placing the plant to confirm the transaction.

Technological equipment together with QuickAccess are designed for this purpose, with aggressive performance in operating stores anywhere.

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Collection / Storage - Wharehouse

Electronic commerce has Developed on the primary standard for companies to adopt the same practices comply with several channels and store operations which require the collection and flexibility paddle boat at a retail store or elements individual right to the doorstep of a consumer.

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Packaging - Transportation / Storage - Wharehouse

Handling desktops and construction of pallets require quick activity to complete and submit orders. The desk space should be optimized and equipment fast, precise and ergonomic scan so that operators see them as an essential tool, not an obstacle to the process.

QuickAccess offers scanning solutions warehouse that have been tested to meet all these tasks throughout many years of experience in warehouse implementations.

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