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Description / Fixed Assets

The RP3 Fixed Assets system allows you to keep updated on the physical state control and the valuation of the assets of your company. Their tools have several functions fully automated as calculating depreciation amounts and all the preparation of the seats then feed the accounting system.

The system allows you to perform inventory checks, location and current custodian of each asset. When accounting for fixed assets will increase the valuation of the company, the income statement will level and may be applied to each period the value of wear or loss of assets to reflect in earnings and more real financial statements.

Benefits / Fixed Assets


Maintenance chart or organizational structure of the company.
Maintenance of trustees, brands, color of assets and types of currency for acquisitions.


Maintenance of external entities that interact with the custody of assets.


Maintenance of types and conditions of acquisition and disposal of assets types.


Maintenance and structure definition of fixed assets.



Assigning custodian, returns, transfers, low recoveries and loan assets and returns from third parties.
Processes revaluation and depreciation of fixed assets.


Reports state and movement of assets, assets with and without custodian.


Management of loans to third parties, history and depreciation of assets.


Barcode, asset valuation.


Features / Fixed Assets


Control Physical fitness and recovery of assets.


Control of security modules.


Asset allocation.


Transfer of assets from one custodian to another.


Inventory checks, physical condition, location and assignee.


Generating barcodes and labels for the control of assets.


Straight line depreciation.


Calculation of depreciation amounts.


Accelerated depreciation.


Handling multiple ledgers.



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