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Description / Customer service

The system claims QuickAccess attention logs all requests for claims made by the customer and in turn allows you to keep track of each of the stages through which passes the request.

The care system claims QuickAccess is designed to enable you to analyze concretely, what area of the company as many requirements are generated and how quickly these are catered for. All complaints can be viewed later, thus offering the possibility for reliable statistical information in real time that will promote effective control, to optimize operations area in need and provide a more efficient service.

Beneficios / Customer service


Allows receptar, manage and analyze claims of your customers.
Help to evaluate products and lines where has the largest number of complaints.


Set the duration and monitoring the claims settlement process.


Identifies responsible for type of problem, which will be responsible to respond timely solution or deadlines.


Allows for email alerts of complaints generated both: the responsible, responsible to the chief of whom reported and the chief who reports, making timely management is achieved.



Facilitates control response time to complaints from our customers.
Help to formalize and manage internal service orders on our staff.


Optimize the quality of service of our staff, through evaluations of service.


Allows estimate and analyze the workload of our staff, efficiency and effectiveness at work.


Features / Customer service
Problem analysis.


Administration department, employees and products.


Registration and consultation history of problems.


Consultation and analysis of total group reported problems.


Management solution.


Control Accounts Payable.


Statistical and graphical reports.



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