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Payroll Processing

The process of preparing the payroll company, involves a series of sequenced steps that end with the development of a pay slip containing the amounts that each worker would receive for performing a task in a given time.

The companies made the list by manual or electronic means for which it is important to consider that the payment made to the worker is calculated efficiently and in compliance with laws governing earnings and deductions that correspond to the worker.

In the process of preparing the payroll, we seek to optimize the process, minimizing the processing time by implementing a working system that reduces errors in the process of preparing payroll, in order to obtain greater operational efficiency and improve response times and performance of employees involved in the process. Here we will not see the steps for preparing the payroll because depending on the company, these can be very different but what if it is going to give general recommendations and an equally broad outline of the development of payroll.


• Incorporate payroll processing using a system whereby the calculation process payroll in the Department you avoid unnecessary loss of time is optimized.

• Have a manual of procedures for the preparation and calculation of payroll for staff develops there have more knowledge of the processes to be carried over.

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